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Christmas and Puppets

The Bethlehem of Tirisiti

El Betlem de Tirisiti It is a Christmas altarpiece aimed at children lasting half an hour and two parts

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Christmas and Puppets

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker Originating in Germany in the 15th century, these figures were considered amulets, although they later became associated with Christmas

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sordesa i titelles
Therapy and puppets

Deafness and puppets

Deafness and puppets Puppets are communicators of emotions, stories, social habits... they don't need words to make themselves understood.

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Bruixes titelles
Stories and puppets

Witches and tales

The Witches and the tales Burn, fire, and boil, mix, that the pot is already bubbling! Macbeth (Act 4, Scene 1)

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peix titella
Therapy and puppets

The puppet fish and the owl

The puppet fish and the owl From this puppet you can perform a series of respiratory gymnastics activities using

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l´ofici de titellaire

The profession of puppeteer

Puppeteer's Trade Today is worker's day. We will tell you about the profession of puppeteer, one of the oldest in the

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Titella tomàtic
Puppets and television

History of Tomato

History of Tv3's "Tomátic" The Tomátic is a character on Catalan television that first appeared

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