MIT International Puppet Museum in Catalonia

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Residencies for performing arts companies, artists and researchers

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The museum is committed to art, as a strategy for transformation that contributes to organizing new forms of relationship and social inclusion.
Through the different artistic languages of expression, critical and creative individual development and the reflective change of our realities are possible, which is why one of MIT's goals is to support the creation and production of scenic activities by facilitating access from the installations to creators, researchers and artists to carry out their proposals, offering them a place for research, expansion and consolidation of projects.
Photo: Tadeusz Wierzbicki. Residence 2022
Tadeusz Wierzbicki marionetista
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Residence modalities

Mode A

Research around puppet theater or new dramaturgies.


Mode B

Creation of scenic languages, with a special interest in the hybridization of disciplines or in the use of innovative resources or procedures.

residencies Addaura Teatre Visual

The MIT is also a creative center that, in addition to making its facilities available to residents, offers the possibility of contracting the tutelage and artistic accompaniment service of the director and founder of the center Teia Moner and/or his team, in projects that, due to their complexity or casuistry, require extraordinary support in the process of research, creation, production and exhibition.

Photo: Addaura Visual Theatre. Resident company

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