MIT International Puppet Museum in Catalonia

Exhibitions, workshops...


Come and enjoy the experiences that the museum offers you

MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya

Performances, commemorative parties and experiences you can enjoy at the museum

Workshops, conferences, days and everything the museum can offer to learn about the world of puppets and the performing arts

Transitory exhibition ideas or arguments about all types of art, which are exhibited in the KITCHEN ROOM. They are creative ingredients that make up artistic diversity from antiquity to the present

Here we make it possible for the activities carried out at MIT to remain relevant

The MIT is available to companies and entities to hold corporate events, press conferences, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, filming, presentations... You can arrange a visit to find out if the place is suitable for your activities

The museum supports creative and research residencies by companies or individuals. Enter the modality that interests you and present your project until November 19, 2023

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