MIT International Puppet Museum in Catalonia


A unique outing in Catalonia to work on values, creativity and emotions, with family and friends, through puppets, art and nature.

A day to have fun and learn

We will accompany you on a tour of the museum's rooms where you will see puppets from around the world, old and current, and their manipulation techniques. We will tell you the stories that are hidden behind these little characters with anecdotes of the puppeteers who gave them life. 

You will be able to play and manipulate the different types of puppets in the ig museum's play areayou will hear about a show where magic and puppets go hand in hand. All these wonderful experiences take place in a 14th century farmhouse completely renovated and surrounded by nature.

inauguració museu de titelles

A unique experience with family or friends

  • You have at your disposal a source of learning that creates a new way of relating by enriching coexistence.
  • It is a great opportunity to awaken curiosity in your very young children.
  • Children spend quality time with adults.
  • The visit promotes communication between all family members and/or friends.
  • By learning the cultural value of works of art, children will know that they are important and that they must be preserved and conserved because they are part of the country's heritage.
  • The activities are integrative and intergenerational since everyone can participate.

to dream

To learn

To enjoy


How to get there

By own vehicle or by bus Sagalés.

Outside you have a large natural space with swings for eating and playing.

Guided tours plus show


October: 1, 8, 31 at night “Special Halloween”

November: 4, 5, 11 

Desembre: 3, 9 i 10


Saturdays: 11:00   Sundays: 11:00


General Admission: €10

Children: €8

Disabled people, unemployed people, retirees, students, teachers, adults, large families and single parents: €9

Children from large families and single parents: €7

The current accreditation must be carried in each situation

Up to 18 months entry is free

Museum affiliated to the Cultural Heritage

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