MIT International Puppet Museum in Catalonia

Valuable and lasting

Our mission

A space to create social, educational, artistic and heritage synergies

The puppetry movement generates a wealth that needs to be guarded, catalogued, interpreted and exhibited to illustrate how the popular and scholarly imagination approaches reality on stage from a plastic point of view. In Catalonia this possibility did not exist and thanks to Teia Moner and her team, there is now a suitable space also to create social, educational, artistic and heritage synergies.

The museum has a valuable mission

Manage cultural heritage

of puppets in all aspects: heritage, artistic, educational and therapeutic, through research, conservation, teaching, dissemination and exhibition of its collection.

Cover the need to create a space

to which our country's companies can transfer or donate the most relevant pieces of their history to preserve them.

Advocating to promote and give visibility to the Catalan puppet technique

a unique technique in the world that is gradually being abandoned by companies.

Promote the value of the puppet as an educational and therapeutic tool

The puppet opens up a wide range of possibilities for education, for managing emotions and for taking care of mental health. Its use can be transformative for education and health professionals in their daily practice, improving student learning and enriching the quality of life of people with functional diversity.

Set up in a decentralized space

for research in the field of performing arts and puppet, visual and object theater (TTVO), where professional companies can carry out creative residencies.

Contribute, through art, to the strengthening of human values

such as peace and mutual understanding between peoples, in accordance with respect for fundamental human rights.

To be an open space, available to everyone

that shares the objectives of developing, promoting and perfecting the art of puppetry, in all its conceptions, from tradition to the avant-garde, and always open to its interrelationship with other performing arts.

Become a reference equipment

with an important impact at local level, but also with a powerful national and international projection.

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