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Aquí és on fem possible que totes les activitats realitzades al MIT continuïn sent actualitat

Help us improve and consolidate the Museum!

Each of the puppets in the Museum has its own story, which is why our motto is "One Museum, a thousand stories". From the moment we opened the doors, the Museum team has worked to generate their own stories and fill it with life. We’re just getting started and we already have things to explain.
Ens agrada pensar en el MIT com un lloc per viure'l, on grans i petits, el puguin sentir seu i el percebin com un lloc de trobada, d'intercanvi cultural i de participació.

MIT makes this so-called space available to citizens "Live it", to explain all the activities we do. A platform for anyone who has been to any of them to have the opportunity to comment on their experience and contribute ideas.
We want to generate a space for participation and communication, alive and permanent, where your opinion helps us to improve.

"Live it" is a link between the museum and its visitors.

MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya


We have not yet inaugurated and we already have a way to explain. Almost 3,000 school visits have already passed through the Museum, and each visit brings us closer and closer to what we want to be.
But, without a doubt, the first star activity has been the VII International Day of Education and Puppets. We brought together some of the world’s best puppet therapy specialists who told us about how to manage post-pandemic emotions, both with children and adults.
A day we enjoyed together with a crowd of passionate attendees.

VII International Day of Education and Puppets


The first major event was held at MIT on July 11 this year.
Although we have not yet officially inaugurated the Museum, we celebrated the Seventh International Day of Education and Puppets.
It was a very happy day for all of us who participated. And we are already working on new projects that will surely be as well received as the Conference.

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MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya

General and artistic director of ENAM (National School for the education with marionettes). ÉNAM offers social integration services with the performing arts recognized by the Canadian Government. Through an alternative approach, they help adults living with mental health problems achieve a good balance in life.


He has produced shows for children with severe mental disorders. In 1991 he was introduced to the practice of puppetry in the therapy of the hand of Madeleine Lions, a pioneer in the research of this subject and founder of the Marionnette et Thérapie Association.
It conducts therapeutic workshops for adults and children with special education. She has also been a trainer of pedagogy students to raise awareness of the therapeutic use of the puppet.

MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya
MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya

Director of puppet theater, social and educational theater. Professor of the Lebanese University. Psychotherapist (Systemic and Family Therapy, Game Therapy), psychosocial expert. He is the founder and president of the KHAYAL Association for Arts and Education. He has directed more than 25 works at numerous festivals around the world. Psychosocial expert and psychotherapist who has worked for the UN and other local and international organizations, with refugees and war victims.

Article by Núria Mestres and Toni Rumbau in the magazine "Putxinel·li".

“Un cop més, Teia Moner s’ha embarcat en la feina d’organitzar una de les seves memorables jornades internacionals d’Educació i Titelles. I ho ha fet comptant com sempre amb la indispensable i insubstituïble col·laboració d’en Miquel Espinosa, director tècnic i mestre logístic del nou centre creat a Palau-Solità i Plegamans, el flamant MIT – Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya – Teia Moner, a la Masia Can Falguera”.

“Per als qui vam assistir a aquesta jornada, que va aconseguir reunir a una quarantena de participants entre pedagogs, mestres, psicòlegs i bastants titellaires, va ser una prova de foc de com l’impressionant espai de la Masia Can Falguera pot arribar a satisfer les expectatives creades. I s’ha de dir que el resultat no sols les va satisfer en un cent per cent, sinó que entusiasmà a tothom”.


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