MIT International Puppet Museum in Catalonia


MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya
A unique trip to Catalonia to work on values, creativity and emotions through puppets, art and nature.

A day to have fun and learn

We will accompany you on a tour of the museum's rooms where you will see puppets from around the world, old and current, and their manipulation techniques. We will tell you the stories that are hidden behind these little characters with anecdotes of the puppeteers who gave them life. 

You will enjoy a show where magic and puppets go hand in hand, then we will open some mysterious boxes where some puppets are waiting for you to manipulate and play with them, then we will act as guides in the construction of your puppet and take it to home.
All these wonderful experiences take place in a 14th century farmhouse completely renovated and surrounded by nature.

Teachers and educators can find materials to work on emotions and improve learning using puppets as a resource and you will also discover different types of puppets to make in class.

MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya


  • Respect and value heritage
  • Encourage the creative look 
  • Learning to live together in a museum
  • Enjoy while we learn

To enjoy

To learn

To create


MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya
MIT is easily accessible by coach and there is a parking lot in front.
You will have a large natural space with swings for lunch and play, and we will keep the doors open at noon so you can go to the toilets.
This outing is recommended for kindergartens, infant and primary education, kindergartens, ESO, high school, special education schools, CAEPS, training and university cycles and nursing homes.
The contents are adapted to the levels and needs of the students or visitors.
Hours: mornings and / or afternoons to choose from.
Days: Monday to Friday.

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