MIT International Puppet Museum in Catalonia

Teia Moner

Teia Moner is a reference in puppet theater in Catalonia. An artist who is distinguished by the innovation and professional rigor that marks her artistic project. Use different codes of communication to find new aesthetics by creating a rich and diverse work.

With a very wide professional curriculum, both pedagogical, literary and theatrical, we can say without mistake that we are talking about a versatile artist.
He is now promoting a new project in Catalonia with a great cultural impact.

MIT, “International Puppet Museum in Catalonia”.

The museum will not only be a meeting point for the puppet world. Teia and her team are working and planning the space to turn it into a location where all the disciplines of the performing arts, visual and plastic arts come together, from tradition to the avant-garde.
It also aims to become a place of welcome and support for new artists who need tutoring and coverage to carry out their projects.
MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya
Exterior MIT_35
MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya

To share

Performances, festivals and exhibitions.
MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya

To create

Residences for creators and researchers.
MIT Museu Internacional del Titella a Catalunya

To learn

Workshops, conferences, publications, courses and seminars

A conversation with Teia Moner

After so many years in the world of teaching and performing arts, now you are embarking on a new and exciting project.

Why a puppet museum, where does the idea come from?

For almost thirty years, Miquel and I have been collecting unique and world-class puppets. While we are at the World Puppet Festival in Charleville Mézières. France, in 2006, we bought three puppets in an antique shop in the city that make us think about the material we have: we want puppets with history, with a past to tell and we need to share these experiences. This turning point was the seed of what is now MIT.
XEFS tardor Teia Moner

Is the museum focused on the world of puppets or does it include other activities?

The museum base is the puppets, but we want the museum to become a dynamic center for the performing arts where dance, magic, music and theater have a place. We are excited about several innovative projects and in line with what we want the museum to be: the first, and most important, the DAMA Festival. Magic Ladies, a platform to give visibility to women who do magic (2023). We work to democratize culture and discover new, fairer and more egalitarian imaginaries. 
And we can't forget the training that will take place, from workshops on different stage disciplines to the International Puppet and Education Day (2022), where professionals in psychology, health and education will be able to discover the puppet's resource as a tool for managing emotions.

What is the most special piece we will find in the museum?

We have many special pieces, among them I can highlight an original puppet by Laurent Mourguet creator of the French guinyol (built between 1810-1820)

Can we say that it is a museum basically designed for children or do you hope to capture the interest of all kinds of visitors?

The museum is a family and professional meeting point and is open to anyone interested in the world of art and entertainment. The fact that puppets are considered for children is relatively recent, before the performances had always been for adults.
Now I see that young people and adults who visit us are fascinated and amazed by these little characters and their history, which is that of their builder, their manipulator and the culture of the country where they belong.
Children, of course, enjoy this world and it is exciting to share these experiences with everyone who visits us.

What would you like visitors to take away from visiting the museum?

Have fun, expand your knowledge and come out with a more open and creative look that will somehow positively change your life and consequently the people around you.
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