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International Festival of Magic Ladies

The tradition of magic shows shows us that the artists are mostly men. Although more and more women are the protagonists of their own magic show, they are still a minority.
We need a space where magical women can show their art to the profession, programmers and the public who are unaware of its existence. A magical place to meet, to talk about artistic concerns, to germinate new projects and offer the public a special sensitivity and a different way of doing magic.
This world-leading and world-renowned festival, directed by Teia Moner, nominated for the International Magic Awards in Argentina and a guest on the Criss Angel TV show in Las Vegas, is the only platform where ladies from all over the world can show off their art. . 
Magic is one of the artistic professions with a lot of gender inequality. Stereotypes still continue to shape a view that continues to view this profession as eminently masculine and sometimes underestimates a woman's ability to pursue it. One of the aims of this festival is to make magic programming equal and for the world of magic to change attitudes towards women. We want to make magic professionals and the general public think about changing patterns of thinking and acting. The lack of exposure of female models with a successful track record in magic drives many talented girls to abandon the idea of being a magician. Another goal is to encourage and show motivating references for these girls and young people to make their dreams possible. The award of the MAGIC LADY OF HONOR award that is made in each edition, serves to pay tribute to the brave women who in more difficult times gave their all for magic and have not been recognized enough.

A little history

In 2006, I decided —Teia Moner— to start a women's festival that would do magic. Little did I think there would be so many. Eight editions were held in Terrassa and, thanks to the support of the public and the magical community, the role of the woman magician was strengthened, but the damn crisis came. No magic wand could make her disappear. It shattered our hopes and the festival was left as unemployed as so many personal and cultural projects.
We were on pause for four years and the professional situation of the magicians towards magic still did not have the harmony we wanted. The lack of a platform for them to present their shows and show their art to the world was evident. The DAMA returned strongly in 2019 to Premià de Dalt. Then came the pandemic, another cultural and emotional shutdown.
The immediate future

A new edition of the festival is currently being developed in Palau-solità i Plegamans in 2023, directed by Teia Moner and coordinated by MIT.

You can't miss it.

Teia Moner Maga

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